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UP ROM cho Nexus 7

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[ROM] |Glazed JellyBean|V2.1|Android 4.1.2|Speed|Stability|Features|10-28-12

|Some of the features this rom offer's|

*Beats Audio
*Sony Bravia Engine (As if the Nexus's Screen Wasn't Awesome Enough)
*Super Fast, Ask anyone using this rom.
*init.d Support, Many Tweaks with init.d
*Latest Franco Kernel
*Optimized speed by modding the .so system
*Removed useless files not Needed
*AdBlocking Enabled
*Full Flash Enabled
*Camera Working + Camera App
*Choice of Launcher
*Theme Manager
*Beats Icon When Playing Music
*Smooth Scrolling Hack
*Volume Steps Hack
*Sysctl Battery Saving Scripts
*Fast Bootup
*Custom Boot Animation
*The Most Up To Date Apps
*Full Gapps Integration
*Android 4.1.2.
*Modded some images for a crisper, sharper view.
*Many customizable options in the settings
*Mod's for better battery life
*Added a cool weather widget You know because ICS needs one.
*Removed boring JellyBean wall and replaced with one thats better (Screenshots)
*The List Is To Long To Mention Them All


On Setup+Startup It Says Something About "int Glazed Jellybean V20" (It doesnt affect system at all, the reason why it does this is because i chose to use a CM10 nighlty as a base, i will later on update the rom so that it wont include this bug. Thanks for your understanding.)
Report Some.


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